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Global Reunification Public Relations Diplomat Recruitment

Submission Period: 10/01/2020~11/20/2020

Announcement of Decision: 11/20/2020

Education and Opening Ceremony: 11/21/2020 Saturday @ 3PM via Zoom

Activity Period: 11/22/2020~12/31/2020

○ Who Can Apply

  – High school students, college students, and the current members of the NUAC who wants to promote positive images of unified Korea to the world through social media.

○ Goals

  – As a global reunification public relations diplomat, you will be promoting new images of the 21st century’s reunification of Korea to people around the world.

   Also, you will be creatively promoting the impacts of the reunification of Korea, such as peace of Northeast Asia and the future of Asia.

○ Duties

  – Promoting the reunification of Korea (Online(SNS or Blog)/ Offline)

  – Establishing visions and stories of a unified Korea

○ How to apply

– or download the application and e-mail it to

○ Benefits

  – Education for public relations of unification of Korea, T-shirts, participation certificates

Upon completing the missions

  – public relations kits, participation certificates, excellence award, medals, and many more.

○ Contact Us

  – National Unification Advisory Council Orange County San Diego

  – Phone: ☏714-537-6919

  – E-mail:

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